Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces Swatch

Hey everyone! Today I have some swatches of Emily de Molly’s Oceanic Forces to share with you. I recently purchased this polish from llarowe, and was so happy when it finally came in the mail. It is probably the most stunning polish that I own. It is a beautiful dark teal jelly, filled with a variety of different shapes and sizes of glitter. The effect is stunning. There is so much amazing depth to this polish, that my photos seriously can’t do it justice. If you don’t currently own this polish, you are seriously missing out! Anyway, thank you for reading!ImageImageImageImageImage


Splatter Nail Art

Hey everyone! I recently gave splatter nail art another try, since last time I didn’t get enough splatters for my liking. I’m slightly happier with this attempt, but I liked the colours I used in my previous attempt better. To create this design, I filled the end of a straw with polish, and blew it onto my nail. It is a very easy technique, but makes a huge mess! The polishes I used for this design were Essie Rock the Boat, China Glaze Highlight of my summer and Sweet Hook, and two Island Girl polishes, who’s names I don’t know. Anyway, thank you for reading!ImageImage

Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Hey everyone! Today I have some glitter gradient nail art to show you. I haven’t done a glitter gradient in ages, and it was nice to do something simpler for a change. Anyway, the glitter that I used is Enchanted Polish Ciao Milano. I am so in love with it! I love how it shifts between green, pink, blue and purple! Anyway, thanks for readingImageImageImage

Nautical Nail Art

Hey everyone! Today I have some quick nautical nail art to share with you. These are pretty sloppy, since I was in a rush when I did them, so sorry about that. This is my second time doing nautical nails, but I’m not really sure if I prefer these to my first attempt. Anyways, thank you for reading!ImageImageImage

Splatter Nail Art

Hey everyone! Today I have an older manicure to show you, since I’ve been feeling uninspired and haven’t done anything new. This was my first try at splatter nail art, and I think I’m going to have to give it another try, since I would have liked the splatters to be larger. I used the method in which you dip a straw into polish, and then blow on the end to splatter the polish over your nails. It didn’t really work out for me haha. Anyway, thanks for reading! 


Tribal Nail Art

Hey everyone! Over the past few months, I have tried to do tribal nails many times, and never succeeded. Most of them were so bad, that I didn’t even post them on instagram. This is probably the first tribal mani that I’ve done that I am actually kind of happy with. It took  a long time, but I think that it was worth it! Anyway, thank you for reading! ImageImage

Vintage Rose Nail Art

Hey everyone! I did these vintage rose nails a while back. To create this look I used a ton of polishes..too many to list haha. The glitter on my index and pinkie fingers is Cirque XX, which is one of my favourites. I applied this by dabbing it onto my nail, the glitter pay off is much less if you just paint it on. I wasn’t a fan of these at first, but they grew on me! Anyway, thank you for reading!ImageImage

Saran Wrap Nail Art

Hey everyone! For today’s NOTD, I did some quick Saran Wrap Nail art. To create this look, I used three polishes from the China Glaze Sunsational Collection, and a polish from Island girl. If you’d like a tutorial for these, I will have one up on my youtube channel shortly at http://www.youtube.com/anyasnails. Thanks for reading!ImageImage