Grumpy Cat Nail Art!

Grumpy Cat Nail Art!

Hey everyone! Today I have some grumpy cat nail art to share with you. I have always loved the Grumpy Cat, and thought it would be fun to do nails inspired by her. Anyway, these were difficult to do, since I’m new to detailed nail art, and I’m no good at painting, but I think they turned out alright for a first try. I used acrylic paints for the cat and nail polish for the lettering. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Nail Art!

  1. Haha, this is sooo good! WP needs a double-like button. I am in awe – as usual with your nails designs. The cat is a work of art. I couldn’t paint a cat, not even paint it by numbers if my life depended on it. For a first try I’d say this is… absolutely spectacular!

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